StoveTop Toaster & Bruschetta Maker

Thursday, March 30, 2006

StoveTop Toaster & Bruschetta maker

  • A StoveTop Toaster that really works

    There is nothing like a toast of a morning, especially if you are out in the bush.

    Over the years we have used many different types of gas burner toasters and never been able to arrive a a happy medium between a dried white crust and a slab of charcoal.

    This ingeniuos solution for decent toast is coming from Argentina.

    It consists of a thin metal base covered with baked enamel, radiates instant heat
    Can be used on gas stove, bbq, open fire, charcoal, heat beads, electric hotplate, metho burner

  • The tray catches all crumbs and is easy to clean

  • The handle folds for convenient storage, which makes the toaster compact and is light weight

  • Not restricted to toast sliced bread,

  • You can put buns, crumpets, pies, croissants and even a damper on it
    Very useful to prepare the Italian bread for bruschetta, the outside becomes crispy and the inside a toasted texture to hold the topping without getting soggy

  • Could be used to grill steaks, saussages, chicken pieces or lamb chops

  • Use as diffuser or simmer when heating a casserole with rice or stew, porridge or custard, prevents setting or burning at the bottom

  • Wrap softer substances ie fish in aluminium foil to prevent it from touching the base
    Also anything with a filling ie garlic bread wrap in foil,

  • MEASURES 20 x 20 x 1 cm weighs 325 g, compact, light, hygienic, healthy

  • Simply indispensable for every home and camper!!!
    Simple application no matter the shape, size or thickness of your bread, roll, croissant or pie
    Simple to use on any stove top, gas, electricity, wood fire
    Simple to clean - grid swings back
    Simple to store, folds to a thin square 20x20x1cm, weight 325 g - the ideal camping toaster - even fits in a backpack

The Simple Things In Life are The Best!!

Argau Import Australia introduces the StoveTop Toaster and makes it available now in Australia.


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